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Amazing Rug Cleaning Services In Pooraka

Welcome to Carpet Cleaning Pooraka. We are one of the most amazing Rug Cleaning Pooraka service providers. Our agency provides services all across Pooraka. Rugs are the most difficult things to clean. Rug cleaning might seem easy, but it takes a lot of energy to clean them. Apart from that, you must have proper knowledge about rug cleaning. That is why it is better to hire professional cleaners for the job. Our professional rug cleaners provide the most effective rug cleaning services. They have abundant knowledge and skills for providing the services. So, book with us and get your rugs cleaned in the best way. 

The process of rug cleaning by our agency

The rug cleaning process is quite a bit time-consuming. But with the right equipment and proper execution, it can be done quickly. Rug cleaning involves a lot of steps. Right from washing the rug to drying it, it is a complete cycle. Our process of rug cleaning involves:

  1. Rug inspection- Before cleaning the rugs, it is very important to understand their condition. Our experts inspect your rugs properly and let you know what kind of cleaning is needed for your rugs. They analyze how dirty the rug is and what methods are to be followed to clean them.
  2. Dust and soil removal- This is often called a pre-clean process. It must be done before washing the rugs. This is because water can cause the dust to stick to the rug and make it even more difficult to clean. Hence, rugs must be dusted properly to remove all the soil. We use specialized devices to remove as much soil as possible. 
  3. Colour testing- This is the most important step. Every rug must be tested for colour before washing. Because many rugs can shed colour after washing. And this can lead to discolouration if neglected. Upon testing, if we find that your rug sheds colour then we take precautionary measures. 
  4. Stain removal- In this step, we remove all the stains and spots. We use advanced tools and equipment for this purpose. Stains, if not removed, may sit deep inside the rugs and damage them completely. Also, stains contain germs so anyway it is not safe to clean the rugs without stain removal.
  5. Complete washing or shampooing- Now comes the most important method, thorough cleaning of rugs. In this method, complete treatment of rugs is done. Rugs are washed with water and other products. We also use different shampoos to clean the rugs properly. With this step, we focus on the deep cleaning of the rugs. This can be done by various methods such as:
  1. Steam cleaning
  2. Dry cleaning
  3. Hot water extraction, and so on.
  1. Rinsing- The rugs are then rinsed using normal water. This step will ensure that all the soap, shampoo, and other products are removed. In this step, along with the shampoo, the dust also gets removed completely. Your rug becomes as clean as a new one. 
  2. Drying- Drying is also very important. Improper drying may cause the rugs to be moist. This can lead to musty odour and mould formation. That is why the rugs must be dried properly. We use unique drying techniques that help the rugs to maintain their shape. The drying methods vary depending on the type of rug. 
  3. Final inspection- Final inspection is done to ensure that there is no more dust or stains present on rugs. It also helps us to make sure that your rugs are cleaned thoroughly. If needed, we sanitize and disinfect the rugs to remove any germs. Sometimes, the rugs are vacuumed to remove dust. Vacuuming also helps to remove the marks or folds that occurred on the rugs during drying. 

Various kinds of stains that we clean from rugs

Our team of rug cleaners has a lot of experience in stain removal. They know all the tips and tricks of rug stain removal. Various types of stains occur on rugs. Some can be stubborn while some can be easy to get rid of. Well, here is a list of common stains that occur on the rugs and we clean them properly.

  1. Water stains
  2. Coffee stains
  3. Chocolate stains
  4. Wine stains
  5. Pet stains
  6. Oil stains
  7. Gum stains

Emergency rug cleaning services in Pooraka

Rugs are subjected to a lot of wear and tear. Not only that but they face a lot of damage too. Many factors are supposed to make the rugs dirty and damaged. In such times, rug cleaning is very important. Sometimes it can be an emergency too. This can be mostly in case of water damage. So, in such cases, our agency offers emergency services. We provide emergency rug cleaning services in all parts of Pooraka. Our team shows a quick response in case of emergencies. 

Reasons for hiring us as a Rug Cleaning Pooraka team

There are a lot of reasons to hire us as the Rug Cleaning Pooraka team, as such. Because we are a renowned agency in Pooraka. People prefer hiring us as we have a lot of experience in this field. Not only that but we develop various customized methods for rug cleaning. Other reasons are:

  • Our team undergoes regular training to enhance their skills and knowledge. 
  • Also, they work hard to satisfy your needs and provide the services as per your requirements. 
  • Our agency is the only agency in Pooraka that offers excellent services at reasonable prices. 
  • We do not charge extra for any of our services. 
  • Our team works 24/7 on all days to cater to your rug cleaning needs. 

So, you can avail of our Rug Cleaning Pooraka services at any time. Just give us a call at 08 6490 9028 and make a booking.